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We sell quality garments, shoes and accessories on behalf of you.
Bring in your freshly washed pieces and receive fifty percent ex GST* when items are purchased.

Simple guide to selling

Gather together the pieces you would like to sell and ensure they are clean, freshly washed and ready for a new home.

Our stores accept drop offs everyday, there’s no need to make an appointment. We accept shoes, garments, bags and accessories in both femme and masc styles.

If you are not yet a member you will need: to be at least sixteen years of age, a photo ID, and an email address.

Bring your collection of items into one of our stores. Within a thirty-minute window, we carefully sort and select based on condition, quality and demand. When five or more garments, shoes, or accessories have been accepted, your consignment can be processed.

Processing can take up to two weeks. You will receive a pricing email once items have been priced and are ready to go out on the floor. This email also includes your pick-up date for collecting any unpurchased items at the end of their seven-week period in store.

Collect payment or items. Every time an item is purchased you will receive an email saying there is a payment for you to collect.
Any items that have not been purchased during their seven-week period in store must be collected from the floor by their pick-up date.

It is important to note any garments, shoes or accessories remaining on the floor beyond their pick-up date will become property of the store. We’ve introduced this due to the volume of items that can be left behind.

How we curate

We sort and accept items based on quality, longevity and what we see being purchased in store.

Rather than curating based on particular designers or labels, we look for timeless pieces, quality fabrics, great construction, and details that pleasantly surprise. We also consider the time of the year, so store collections evolve with the seasons.

In store you’ll find local Australian and New Zealand labels, international designers, unique vintage and well-made basics – catering to both masc and femme styles.

Due to the volume of items we receive and the capacity of our stores, we are not able to accept everything. If you would like to know what your local store is looking for at the moment, you can get in touch with them via email or phone.

More information


Everything at Goodbyes moves through three pricing phases over a seven-week consignment period in store:

  • Four weeks at full price
  • Two weeks at half price
  • A final week at seventy percent off
  • You receive fifty percent ex GST of the purchase price less a fifty cent handling fee.

Once each consignment has been processed, members receive a ‘Pricing email’ with pricing information. If you do not wish to continue at this point just let us know within twenty-four hours of receiving the email and come by to retrieve items within seven days.


Members receive an ‘Item sold’ email so they know when there’s a payment to collect or convert to store credit.

Payments under one hundred and fifty dollars can be collected via eftpos paywave by visiting any of our stores with photo ID. Alternatively we can arrange a bank transfer at the end of your seven-week period.

Payments over one hundred and fifty dollars can be collected by responding to the ‘Item sold’ email with your BSB, account number and full name. Transfers are processed each week on a Tuesday.


Seven-week period

To keep collections fresh, each consignment period lasts for seven weeks. During this time items move through four weeks at full price, two weeks at half price, and a final week at seventy per cent off. Your item pick-up date is the final day of your seven-week cycle.

Pick-up date

Once your consignment has been processed, you will receive a ‘Pricing email’ that includes your ‘Pick-up date’. This is so you know when to retrieve any items that have not been purchased during their seven-week period in store. It is important to keep track of this date because uncollected items will become property of the store. We’ve introduced this due to the volume of garments, shoes and accessories that can be left behind.


For more information please find our FAQ’S here.

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