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COVID - 19 - Temporary Melbourne Closures

Due to the latest government restrictions, Melbourne stores will be temporarily closed from 9th July whilst we review our capacity to operate over the next six weeks. As always our priority remains the health and safety of our staff and community. We will be selling a selection of pieces online whilst stores are closed, find more information below.

Online Store
Whilst Melbourne stores are temporarily closed we will be selling a selection of pieces via our online store. Selected pieces will be listed at full price and members will be emailed as items sell. For information on collecting payment please see below.

All current consignments will be paused until further notice.

Whilst we’re closed you can request bank payments for balances over $100. Just reply to any ‘item sold’ email with your bsb and account number to request a transfer. These will be processed weekly.

Contact us
If you have any further questions please email your local store directly, we will do what we can to accommodate you at this time.

COVID - 19 - Hobart

Covid Information

Our Hobart location is currently open for shopping and selling.
We have carefully considered the health and safety of our customers and staff, introducing the following measures in store:

  • A COVID WHS policy and best practice guide for our team which is written in accordance with advice from government health authorities.
  • Screen guards at service counters
  • Plenty of available hand sanitiser
  • Physical distancing and wayfinding signage

To keep our community as safe please assist staff by following all measures in place. If you are feeling unwell hold off on coming into stores.


  • Visit the stores page for the latest store hours.
  • We are not currently accepting cash payment
  • Please follow all signage and physical distancing requirements when visiting the stores.


  • Now more than ever it’s important to freshly wash all items before dropping off, if items appear unclean we will not be able to sort or accept your drop
  • Check the stores page for the lastest hours before planning a visit
  • Funds under $150 can now be collected via paywave in store
  • Consignments that were paused during store closure have now resumed the seven-week period
  • If you’re unable to collect funds or pieces please email your local store directly, we will do what we can to assist you during this time


What brands do you take?

Rather than curating based on particular designers or labels, we look for unique pieces, quality fabrics, great construction, and details that pleasantly surprise. We accept items based on quality, longevity and what we see being purchased in store. We also consider the time of year, so our collections evolve through the seasons.

What happens if my items are not purchased?

Any unpurchased items must be collected by their pick-up date. It is important to keep track of this date because any items that remain on the floor beyond this time will become property of the store. We’ve introduced this due to the volume of garments, shoes and accessories that can be left behind.

Can I send you pictures of my items?

We are unable to accept any items based on images. Our sorting process takes place when you bring your collection of freshly washed items into one of our stores. It’s important for us to observe their construction and finer details up close. We’ve found that this is the most effective way to determine the quality and longevity of a piece.

I decided I no longer want to sell my item, can I get it back?

Yes. At any time during the seven-week period, you are welcome to come, find, and collect consigned items from the shop floor. If your items are not yet on the floor, give us a call and we’ll put them aside for you to retrieve.